MonkeyGame, its objective that children learn by playing, with methodologies of visual recognition, sounds, problem solving, and many more, in an easy, fun and natural way.

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Video Game Design

We create meaningful educational experiences that promote each child's freedom and autonomy in learning. Creating unique video games with high development standards.


We work on projects with technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Multiplayer Games, among other educational experiences.


All our applications and Video Games are 100% integrated in the world's major stores such as apple, google and huaewi. I'll be on Nintendo soon too.


We design and create new projects for clients that require digital learning experiences.



About us?

We are a team of professionals in the area of computing, design and education, which based on our experiences we create educational projects.
We have been developing digital solutions for 10 years which are already used in different countries and by thousands of users.
Our vision is to be pioneers in Chile in creating inclusive and educational video games. Based on strongly believing that everything is possible.


This Social Video Game was created 2 years ago for children from 3+ years old which is created in an inclusive way with pictograms and preschool educational activities, today it includes in its games catalog:

  • Augmented Reality to recognize pictograms
  • Social Norms, Initial sounds, annealing animals
  • Riddles, videos, stories, memories
  • Recognize Leftovers, and much more ...

What is MonkeyTEA?

We invite you to watch this video that describes a little more about this beautiful project.








Experiences & App

New projects

We are available to listen to your ideas and help materialize, we strongly believe that the experience for this do not hesitate to help us.

Social development

We create projects without costs for social problems or solutions.

Private Projects

We create digital business, educational or training experiences for companies, Pymes or individuals

Other projects

Works carried out in these 10 years


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